Rules of the Park

1.The administration reserves the right to refuse admission.

2.In order to be eligible for Canary Islands resident, disabled person and/or to demonstrate age, it is necessary to show a personal ID card with photo and supporting documentation certifying each condition.

3.Access with food and beverages, animals, or items such as bicycles, balls, skates, inflatables, or with any other item Management considers inappropriate is forbidden.

4.Children under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult responsible for their direct supervision.

5.Follow the instructions of lifeguards and employees as well as all information signs at all times when making use of attractions.

6.Attractions will close 30 minutes before the park closes and bear use and height limitations.

7.We have a LIMITED number of floats, lockers, hammocks and sunshades available.

8.The use of attractions wearing glasses, watches, jewellery, piercings or any kind of clothing or objects that may damage the attraction or pose a safety hazard for the users is forbidden. The park shall not be liable for items lost or forgotten during your visit.

9.The use of all attractions by pregnant women or people with heart conditions is forbidden.

10.The use of drugs or narcotics and the practice of nudism or topless at the premises is forbidden.

11.Some areas and facilities within the water park premises are video-supervised.

12.Please note that the pools are not heated.

13.In the event that the behaviour of one or more visitors is inappropriate, or if they do not comply with both these general rules and those specific to each attraction, the Park Management may remove such visitors from the premises without the right to the refund of any fees already paid.

14.Under no circumstances shall the company reimburse the entrance fee, either in whole or in part, including cases of breakdowns, power outages, changes in weather conditions or evacuation from the premises for security reasons.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries.

Thank you very much!

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