Acua Water Park will reopen its doors to a new season full of colour and fun on April 12. And, to celebrate it, the day after (13 April) the Traditional Grand Opening Party will take place.

Acua Water Park reopens its doors once again this year and, of course, it does so with a Grand Opening Party on 13 April. After the success of the parties held in previous years, in which the first 20 people who arrived at the Acua box offices got free admission to the park, this year we will be repeating and doubling up: The first 20 people to get to the box office next 13 April will be admitted for FREE to Acua Water Park on that day. If you’re one of the following 50, you’ll get a 50% discount on your next admission to the park for any other day of the season. Yes, you’ve read it right, so go get your sleeping bag ready, there’s a prize for getting up early on Saturday.

All our visitors will enjoy a foam party in the morning, and the little ones will be able to use, for the first time, our inflatable lilos. And of course, all to the rhythm of our DJ’s music. In addition, on that day we will have the presence of Onda Fuerteventura, who will visit us with a live broadcast from our facilities.

Mark it down on your calendar, next Saturday, April 13, the Great Opening Party! We open at 10.30 and close at 17.30.